on Dec 10th, 2018

Any good dentist will tell you how important it is to maximize dental insurance before the end of a plan year. You never know what changes to treatment coverage, fees, and premiums will mean for the cost of your treatments and most dental concerns only get worse when they’re not addressed quickly. Keep reading to learn more about how to maximize your dental benefits and demystify your insurance plan. UNDERSTANDING YOUR DENTAL INSURANCE PLAN

Before you get started maximizing your dental insurance coverage, you have to understand the basics. Some of the things you need to know to get the most out of your 2018 insurance benefits include:


Preventive dentistry is the key to keeping your smile healthy and maximizing your dental insurance coverage. Most insurance providers cover preventive dentistry between 80 and 100%, so by keeping up with your dental checkups and teeth cleanings twice a year means you make the most of your plan premiums. You will also avoid developing more advanced oral health concerns that require treatments covered at much lower percentages within your dental insurance plan.


If you want to further maximize your dental insurance coverage or you do not have dental insurance, you may want to consider talking to your dentistry team about an in office dental membership plan.. Many dentistry practices have membership plans for their loyal patients that cover the cost of preventive care and offer discounts on all other services. In fact, most in-office savings plans also offer discounts on services not traditionally covered by dental insurance including cosmetic services.

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At Serenity Dental, we work hard to make dental insurance simple for every patient. To ensure you receive the maximum coverage you deserve, we are in-network with Aetna, Ameritas, Assurant, Anthem BlueCross BlueShield, Cigna, Delta Dental, Geha, Guardian,Humana, United Concordia, MetLife, UnitedHealthCare and almost all major ppo insurance plans. We also offer an in-network benefit plan for our patients without traditional dental insurance. Do not hesitate to call our office if you have questions or you would like to schedule an appointment with our caring dentist and team. We hope you’ll come back regularly to check our dentistry blog to learn more about the services we provide and the excellent patient experience we strive to provide.

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