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Tips For National Children's Dental Heath Month

Time is flying by – every time you look at your kids, you realize just how 
quickly life moves. You grab your phone and open the calendar to mark down 
an upcoming ballet recital and chess match, and shake your head – it’s hard 
to believe we’re already in the second month of 2019. This February, 
remember to focus on your children’s oral health since it’s National 
Children’s Dental Health Month. If you’re not sure where to start, take a 
look at these tips from Serenity Dental Austin, your premier children’s 
dentist in Austin. Pass this info on to give your son or daughter a healthy 
smile, this month and their entire lives. 

What Is National Children’s Dental Health Month? 

This nationally recognized theme month became official with the American 
Dental Association (ADA) after it began in the 1940s in Cleveland, Ohio. 
Each year, the ADA comes up with a focus for their oral health promotion 
campaign. From flossing to fluoride, these topics remind parents and 
children why their teeth are so important. 
What Can I Do To Teach My Kid’s Proper Oral Hygiene? 

Our professional staff of six dentists recommends you take the following 
steps with your children to set them up for dental success: 
*2×2* – Brush and floss gently for two minutes each, twice a day. Set a 
timer on your phone or play a song to brush long enough, remind kids to use 
only light pressure, and to spit out toothpaste and mouthwash. 
*Eat Health* – A nutritious diet is important for everyone in your family. 
Reduce sweet treats and sugary drinks like fruit juices and sodas, and 
eliminate snacking if you can, because these all exacerbate tooth decay 
which is prevalent in kids. Switch to high protein refreshments and say 
cheese – eating dairy and leafy greens that are full of calcium are key for 
your child’s dental health. 
*See Your Dentist *– While taking good care of your teeth at home and 
eating right are crucial to oral health, you’ll always need professional 
care to make sure your smile is on the right track. Visit us at least twice 
a year for exams and cleanings, and be sure to take little ones to the 
dentist for their first appointment before they turn one year old. 
*Make It Fun* – Read your kids stories and watch cartoons that give 
children a good impression of the dentist. The ADA makes it easy for you – 
print out these stories, coloring book pages, and fun worksheets that tell 
the story of Flossy and his friends, who set out to defeat Monster Mouth. 
At their very first appointment, focus on letting your child get to know 
their dentist, education, and making the visit a positive experience. 
*Set a Good Example* – Even though they’re young, kids are very perceptive. 
If they see mom and dad eating sweets all the time, neglecting their own 
oral hygiene regimen, avoiding the dentist, or (worst of all) smoking, 
they’ll pick up on the underlying message that their teeth aren’t really 
important. Your children are always watching, so lead by example when it 
comes to a healthy smile. 

Now that you know what National Children’s Dental Health Month is all about 
and that your son or daughter will be in good hands with the team at 
Serenity Dental Austin, schedule your appointment today to start them out 
on the path to a long-lasting, beautiful-looking grin.

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