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You never know when you’ll have a dental emergency, but it’s good to know where to go when you do. Residents who live in and around the Austin, Texas area are encouraged to visit Serenity Dental for any emergency dentistry services. Dr. Brinda Nair and her staff specialize in emergency procedures and are capable of performing many of them at their facility and schedule any follow-up visits you may require.

Emergency Dentistry Q&A

Can a tooth be put back in place once it has been lost?

A tooth that has been knocked out may be able to be re-implanted back into its socket if the proper steps are taken.

  1. The tooth must be unbroken and in good condition.
  2. Once the tooth has been found, it should be placed in a small amount of milk to protect the surface.
  3. It’s important to get to a dentist or orthodontist immediately.
  4. If the conditions are right and the tooth is fully intact, the dentist may be able to set the tooth back into its socket to see if it will begin to resettle back into place.
  5. Once a tooth has been completely dislodged, it will take several days for it to become firmly re-established.

What is emergency dentistry?

Emergency dentistry involves certain procedures and techniques that require specialized training and are typically not performed in a dentist's office. Dentists trained in emergency dentistry can handle many different injuries that may otherwise be sent to an emergency room.

Conditions considered to fall under emergency dentistry include:

  • Loss of a tooth or teeth
  • Damage to the gums
  • A broken tooth
  • Minor trauma to the jaw or face

When should a person go to the emergency room?

The basic rule of thumb when choosing between emergency dentistry and going to the emergency room is that if it looks bad enough for an emergency room, it probably is. If there’s any question at all, always opt for the emergency room.

Major trauma or injury to the soft tissues of the mouth may require a conventional emergency room. They’re capable of providing treatment to trauma cases over and above what a dentist can provide.

Although emergency dentistry can handle many different kinds of severe injuries, it’s limited in what it can accomplish. If a person is taken to an emergency room with a serious dental injury, a dentist or orthodontist will be called in to assist with their treatment. There are several different types of injuries where it may be difficult to determine just how severe it is. When this occurs, always opt for the emergency room to prevent wasting precious time.


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