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If you’re missing a tooth and you don’t want it to affect the alignment and health of your other teeth, make your appointment with Serenity Dental in Austin, Texas. Dr. Mahwesh Razzaq is a general dentistry practitioner who can provide dental implants and other corrective techniques to help patients regain their smile and maintain good oral and dental health.

Dental Implants Q&A

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are small metal rods made of titanium or surgical steel that are implanted into a small hole drilled directly into the jawbone. Once the rod has been implanted, the bone will fuse to it firmly attaching it into place. When the bone has completely healed and the rod is securely in place, the dentist will attach a permanent, porcelain crown to give the appearance of a full set of teeth.

If more than one tooth is missing, 2 or more implants can be used, much in the same way as a partial dental plate or bridge is used. The crowns can be attached permanently or they can be designed to snap into place if more than one tooth is involved.

Are dental implants designed to be permanent?

Yes. Dental implants are designed to be a permanent fixture due to the fact that the post is implanted directly into the jaw bone. Once the bone has healed around the post, it has become part of your jaw. You may need to replace the crowns or appliances that are attached to the implants as they can wear out over time.

Can dental implants replace dentures?

Dental implants are an ideal choice for individuals who are considering a partial or full set of dentures. The rods used in dental implants are placed directly into the jawbone and allowed to heal in place.

Conventional dentures and partials can eventually begin to slip or slide as a person chews or talks. This occurs because the bone starts to deteriorate and wear away once the teeth have been removed.

When dental implants are used, the bone continues to grow around the post, eliminating bone loss and keeping the implants and crowns firmly in place. This is true whether the crowns are permanently attached to the implant or if an appliance is created that snaps onto the top of the posts.


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