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What Benefits Does Invisalign Offer?

Advancements in dental technology allow for the usage of other tools besides metal braces to correct a faulty smile. Some people feel dread at the thought of getting braces installed on their teeth. The thought of being different, or having an even uglier smile before it’s corrected can be too much. Invisalign offers a more attractive alternative to braces. Invisalign is essentially a pair of clear aligners that are meant to align your teeth to correct their bite and give you a beautiful smile. 

*About Invisalign* 

These clear aligners in a quick orthodontic treatment that involves x-rays and photographs of your current teeth. A series of clear aligners will be personally made just for you. These aligners border invisible, are made from BPA-free plastic, and since they are made just for you, they fit perfectly and comfortably. 

This comfortable fit is important because you will be wearing Invisalign almost 24 hours a day. You simply remove them during meals while you are eating or snacking, brushing or flossing your teeth, or for a special occasion. This flexibility is a huge benefit over braces, completely cutting out the annoying fact that food gets caught in them on a daily basis. 

If you have braces, you are instructed to avoid anything hard or sticky that could pull them loose or damage them. Food stuck under braces can also cause significant problems to your oral health including tooth decay and gum disease. Thankfully, these plastic aligners offered by Invisalign can be removed before any meal or snack. That means you don’t need to change your diet whatsoever. Also, since you remove them before brushing your teeth, you don’t need to worry about changing your brushing techniques to remove food stuck under your braces. 

*Benefits of Invisalign* 

Invisalign aligners offer the following benefits: 

- Oral health becomes much easier to maintain 
- The aligners are almost invisible, meaning you won’t notice them like 
- You don’t have to change your diet 
- You don’t have to change your oral health routine. 

These benefits are more than enough for most people to prefer Invisalign over traditional braces. Please call our office or email us to make your appointment today!

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