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Don't forget your 6 month cleanings during summer!

Don't forget your 6 month cleanings during summer! 

Summer can be a lot of fun; the days are longer and it's the most popular 
time for vacations. That said, it's important that you're keeping your 
regular six month dental visits during this relaxing season. 

Busy Schedules 

Without the everyday structure of school, many parents and children find 
that their schedules go haywire during the summer. Between family 
vacations, spending time with friends and summer activities, it can feel 
like there's no time left for regular appointments at the dentist's office. 

In other ways, though, it's actually more convenient to schedule dentist 
appointments during the summer. Not only does planning in advance give you 
enough notice to keep that day free, but you'll no longer have to plan 
around your child's education. Instead of worrying about notes for missing 
school, you can show up on a weekday without concern. 

Visits Are Important 

The six month appointment structure is a standard used by most people in 
the U.S., and that's not a coincidence. Six months between visits ensures 
that your dentist can examine your teeth regularly, before any serious 
issues have time to cause long-lasting damage. 

This is especially important when working with children. Between adult 
teeth growing in and children being less likely to have good oral hygiene 
habits, it's imperative that your child visit the dentist every six months, 
even if one of those dates falls in the summer. 

Children are often especially unenthusiastic about visiting the dentist 
over the summer, but remember that missing one afternoon in the sun won't 
hurt them. Leaving dental issues to worsen, however, could have a permanent 
impact on the health of your child's teeth. 

Summer Visits 

It may not seem like a big deal, but missing summer dentist appointments 
can have a harmful impact on your and your child's oral health. By keeping 
up with your regular appointments, you can make sure that everyone has 
healthy teeth when fall rolls around. 

To schedule your summer appointments, click book and schedule your 
appointment online! 

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